January 2017 San Francisco Metro Housing Update

There are currently 320 active homes for sale here in the San Francisco (as of January 3rd)vs 670 the month before - about 50% less inventory than month before...

In the month of December there were a total of 442 home sales vs 490 the month before.

The average sales price for December was $1,578,661 (in November was $1,511,894).

Average days on market in San Francisco was 49 for the month of December (39 days for the month of November).Inventory as of today - December, 3rd 320 properties for sale in San Francisco.

Single-Family Homes        88

Condo/Coop/TIC/Loft     165

2-4 Units                             49

5+ units                               18

total -                                 320.

The market has remained steady for some time now and continues to be a "Sellers" market...

There is currently LESS than 1 month worth of inventory, meaning if there was not another home listed, it would take less than one month for all the current homes on the market to sell...

6 months of inventory is when it becomes a buyers market....If you are thinking of selling anytime in the near future, now is the time to do so...

the good news for Home Sellers is there is a lot of demand for homes and now is a great time to sell if you are looking to get top dollar...

For Buyers, yes there are less homes available to sell, however interest rates are as low as we have ever seen so you are able to get more house for your money currently than you have been able to in the past and probably than we will be able to in the future...

I will continue to keep you updated and if you need anything please feel free to call or text me at 415-385-8949 or email me at .... anytime

Sold in San FranciscoSold in December 2016 442

Sold in November 2016   490 

Sold in October 2016        646

Sold in September 2016   390

Sold in August 2016          459

Sold in July 2016                454

Sold in June 2016               513

Sold in May 2016                491

Sold in April 2016               455

Sold in March 2016            418

Sold in February 2016       283

Sold in January 2016          288